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Please note Shaun Jackson is now the Design Director at Bluepoint Hospitality.
               She can now be reached at .  

Shaun Jackson is a California based interior designer working on both the East and West Coast. She prides herself on transforming spaces from challenged to extraordinary. She is currently working on reviving several buildings in the historic town of Easton, Maryland. 


Traditional, modern or otherwise she revels in the design process from start to finish.  The joy is in conceptualizing  a new life for a building, home or simply a room and following it through from construction to installation.  


Her work has been published in such magazines as Elle Decor, House Beautiful and At Home Design. She has also received  the Award of Merit In Historic Resources from the American Institute of Architects in DC. 

Magazine Excerpts


"She tackled the project the way a painter would, establishing a palette that would flow and draw you in."


"Shaun layers her interiors with a keenly edited mix of traditional and modern furnishings."


"Shaun's design philosophy is to keep it simple.

Rooms shouldn't feel over-studied. Her interiors feel

comfortable, well edited, gracefully composed and


- At Home  

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